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Execution of turn-key projects
  1. Tanks;
  2. Silos;
  3. Pipelines;
  4. Power and chemical equipment;
  5. Ecological refining installations;
  6. Building structures:
    • warehouses;
    • forum roofs;
    • industrial steel chimneys.

Consortium KZU Holding Group is specialized in the erection of different types of installations for storage of loose liquid and dry goods. The main structures in which our company has specializes in are the above-ground cylindrical tanks, pressure vessels, silos, pipelines and steel structures.


Types and main structure elements
The vertical cylindrical tanks are the main and most widely used for all purposes sort of tanks. Consortium KZU Holding Group erects all types of tanks and executes a broad range of structures, depending on the client's requests. The first major type are the tanks with floating roof, which are used primarily for storage of crude oil and refines petrol products. Their main advantage is the decrease of losses due to the vaporization of the stored product. Consortium KZU Holding Group has designed and erected such tanks in several European countries. Our company designs and erects tanks with double as well as with single roof depending on the client's requests and the properties of the product stored. Consortium KZU Holding Group erects the tanks according to all contemporary standards for ecology and protection of underground waters. For this reason our company offers on request of all European clients retention tanks and double-bottom tanks. From ecological point of view this type of tanks has the best structure as with them the possibility of leak of the product stored in the environment and the soil in case of accident is completely avoided. Another major advantage of these tanks is the considerable decrease of the fire-extinguishing surface in case of fire, which simplifies and decreases the prices of the anti-fire system. The system for constant vacuum control of the double bottom allows the monitoring of possible leakage and accordingly their timely stopping. Consortium KZU Holding Group offers all types of tanks, varying in construction as follows:

  • self-supporting cone roof;
  • cone roof with internal columns;
  • self-supporting dome roof;
  • tanks with fixed roof and floating internal pontoon.

Depending on the type of the product stored, the climate conditions, the tanks volume and the client's requests our company designs, fabricates and erects all of the above mentioned types of tanks in short terms, using exclusively own equipment and personnel. Consortium KZU Holding Group executes all its projects turn-key and provides the whole range of accessories necessary for the full completion of the respective object. Depending on the client's requests we supply the equipment from different world producers of seals, fittings, measuring devices and fire-extinguishing systems.


Apart form the cylindrical tanks Consortium KZU Holding Group is specialized in the fabrication of pressure vessels for storage of different types of liquids such as: propane-butane, ammonia, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc. These vessels can be stationary as well as mobile - installed on different platforms and transport vehicles. Belonging to our product list are also railway tanks for transportation of the above-mentioned liquids.
Another product that we offer is tank-containers, which are appropriate for automobile and sea transport and their range varies according to the volume and the product stored. For food products nd special aggressive products these vessels can be fabricated from stainless steel.


Consortium KZU Holding Group has considerable experience in the design, fabrication and erection of steel silos for storage of cement, lime and other loose building materials, including systems for unloading of such products from railway wagons and their transportation to the silo.
We also offer steel silos for storage of grain food products. They are constructed from galvanized plates, which are later bended to the desired radius and to trapezoid plates. The whole structure of this type of silos is very light and easy to erect as all the connections are made using nuts and bolts. Their main advantage is their light construction and the fact that they can be erected on soils with low bearing capacity, and also their long-term corrosion guarantee.


In order to be able to execute complex orders for erection of storage installations for different types of liquid products, Consortium KZU Holding Group designs and erects all types of pipelines. Most of these are inter-installation communication pipelines, connection of tank farms with loading and unloading facilities. Apart form the pipelines themselves, our company designs and erects the necessary infrastructure such as pipe racks and other structures depending on the specific site and the client's requests.


Consortium KZU Holding Group fabricates and erects all types of steel structures on client's request. We also make our own developing and consulting for optimal solutions, depending on the clients order and the purpose for which the structure is erected. These structures are widely applicable both in the industry and in the civil engineering. Using the up-to-date anti-corrosion protection systems we can guarantee a long-lasting warranty of the structures.

Tanks with double bottom and double shell, Fohburg, Germany Tank farm, Cerekvice, Czechia Steel structure, Munich airport
Erection of fixed roof, central ring Fixed roof, rafters Fixed roof for floating
Specific erection technologies Erection of assembled fixed roof using 500 ton crane, Munich airport Erection of tanks through rolling technology
Erection of crude oil storage tank, 50 000 m3, Palouge, Sudan Isolation of crude oil storage tank, 50 000 m3, Al-Jabalyn, Sudan Spherical tanks
Automatic horizontal welding machine in action, Palouge, Sudan Automatic horizontal welding machine in action, Palouge, Sudan Bordomatic in action, site Julich, Germany
Cement silos, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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