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Completed projects

A list of the most substantial projects executed by KZU Holding Group

From its establishment KZU Holding Group and its companies have taken part in and and have executed themselves the fabrication and erection of many tanks for storage of different kinds of petrol products, silos and steel structures, which are enumerated in the table below:

description of the project investor
year of
Three underground storage tanks 6500 m3 each for gasoline. Ceska Rafinerska Litvinov, Czech Republic. 1992
Tank farm, consisting of 3 storage tanks 40 000 m3 each and 1 tank 80 000 m3 with double bottom and cup all with floating roofs with pump station.MERO IKL, Vohburg, Germany1995 MERO IKL, Vohburg, Germany 1995
One tank of 40 000 m3 with double bottom. SUGAR RAFINERY PFEIFER & LANGEN, Appeldorn, Germany 1995
Two tanks for molasses of 35 000 m3 each and two tanks of 3 000 m3 each. SUGAR RAFINERY JULICH, Germany 1996
Two tanks with double bottom of 25 000 m3 each. OILTANKING/NOELL in Gera, Germany. 1996
Storage tanks with fixed roof, cup and double bottom for:
  • 3 pcs. volume 5 000 m3 - for fuel oil
  • 3 pcs. volume 2 000 m3 - for fuel oil
  • 2 pcs. volume 1 000 m3 - for fuel oil
  • 1 pcs. volume 1 600 m3 - for fuel oil
  • 1 pcs. volume 500 m3 - for fuel oil
  • 8 pcs. volume 360 m3 - for petrol
products and pipe connections.
CESKA RAFINERSKA AS Czech Republic 1995-1999
Storage tank of volume 3 000 m3 with fixed roof, cup and double bottom for waste waters. CHEMOPETROL AS - Litvinov, Czech Republic 1996
Storage tanks with fixed roof, cup and double bottom: with pipelines and pump stations; 4 Pcs. х 10 000 m3 for petrol products. CEPRO AS-Tremoshna near Pilsen, Czech Republic 1997
Storage tanks with volume 10 000 m3, with fixed roof, cup and double bottom - 11 pcs. for - for petrol products with pipelines and pump stations CEPRO AS - Cerekvice nad Bystrici, Czech Republic 1999-2000
Warehouse for BMW Wackersdorf, Germany Stahlbau Wolf Rosenhaim, Germany 1997
Cement silos in 4x500 t. capacity Bosnia and Herzegovina Plena, Bulgaria 1998
Forum roof of the Munich airport center West. Pipe trusses 25 m. long. See picture enclosed Forum roof of the Munich airport center West 1998
1 x 5000 m3 for BTX fraction in Litvinov, Czech Republic Chemopetrol SA Litvinov 2001
Kerosene storage tank 12000 m3, at Munich airport JPM Ingenieurtechik, Germany 2001
Filling station Chemopetrol SA Litvinov 2002
Storage tank farm 10x33 000 m3 for Banias Refinery Company BUTEC SAL, Lebanon 2003-2004
Pumping stations for transitions pipelines Ukraine 1997-2002
MELUT BASIN OIL DEVELOPMENT PROJEC design, fabrication of 7 x 52166 m3. Design of storage tanks for Field Production Facility & Central Processing Facility. PETRODAR/RPJV 2004-2005
Prefabrication of steel structures for 2 storage tanks for crude oil with single capacity of 50000 m3 LUKOIL BULGARIA 2005

Banias Refinery Company, Syria, 10x 33 000 m3 Storage Tanks Farm in Czech Rep.,11x10 000 m3 Floating Roof of tank 50000 m3, Palouge, Sudan
Erection of Storage Tank Farm, 3 x 50000 m3, Palouge, Sudan Molasses Tanks, Czech Rep. Molasses Tanks, floating roof, Germany
General view of Al-Jabalyn CPF, Sudan, 4 x 52 000 m3

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